The Story of Edam Cheese

2014 - present

  • hospitality
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    Henri Willig Group

    Nico Plukkel

    Leguit & Roos Aannemersbedrijf BV

    Allard Meine Jansen
    Chris van Heeswijk
    Piet de Reuver
    Nithin Kadayil

    Edam / Netherlands

    Being the oldest wooden structure building that Allard Architecture has worked on, this project aims to lovingly return this monument building in Edam back to how it was experienced in its original 1500 state whilst also carefully inserting a new experience following the story of Edam cheese within. Following a period of poverty, the house was split into two separate shops in 1593 and has remained in this divided state until present.

    Allard Architecture proposes to remove this dividing wall in order to open up the building back to as it was originally experienced in 1500, and thus to return it back to its original whole. The bricks that were part of the construction of this wall will also be repurposed, now being transferred to be the main elements for the counters that will be inserted throughout the experience. By returning the building back to as it was, a new narrative can be written.

    allard architecture • The Story of Edam Cheese • Floor Plans
    Connection between the new cheese museum and the cheese shop
    allard architecture • The Story of Edam Cheese • Concept for Museum Counter
    Reusing the bricks from the 500-year-old wall to create a counter for the museum
    allard architecture • The Story of Edam Cheese • Concept Interior Perspective
    Counter filled with 500-year-old bricks