Spijkerkade 6 - VICE

2018 - present

  • work space
  • area:

    design development

    Spijkerkade Vastgoed BV

    Allard Meine Jansen
    Jurriën Boon
    Roderik van der Weijden
    Piet de Reuver
    Gijs Bouwens
    Mitchell Stewart
    Paul Walther

    Amsterdam Noord / Netherlands

    For a large international media company, a new headquarters has been envisioned in Amsterdam Noord. The two-storey high concrete base takes reference from airplane hangars, and can therefore be opened up to the street when organising and hosting large events. Sitting on top of this plinth is a garden that is accessible. The higher floors contain interconnected work spaces, with these maintaining a direct connection to outside terraces that provide the opportunity for working outside. The top floor hosts a gym that is accessible to the public, whilst on the roof is a terrace that offers 360-degree views.

    allard architecture • Spijkerkade 6 - VICE • Diagram of Wind Movement
    Diagram explaining the movement path of wind throughout the building