Nieuwe Herengracht 37

2018 - present

  • canal houses
  • area:



    Interior Designer: Cris Van Amsterdam

    Bouwbedrijf van Schaik Breukelen

    Allard Meine Jansen
    Andreas Baumer
    David Pepper
    Victor Delamotte
    Nick Wenham
    Jalmar Taylor

    Amsterdam / Netherlands

    Allard Architecture was commissioned to give life back to this 1905 monumental canal house located in the historic centre of Amsterdam, restoring its many significant features whilst updating its layout to suit the needs of a modern family. The property has a beautiful garden at the rear and our aim is to connect the living space to the outdoors, bringing the tranquility of the country to the centre of the city. We aim to insert a discrete and contemporary glass extension at the entry to the garden to allow for this transition between the inside and out, standing as a small intervention amongst the restoration of the old.

    allard architecture • Nieuwe Herengracht 37 • Interior View of Ground Floor
    View looking from a position close to the street side of the ground floor and out towards the garden
    allard architecture • Nieuwe Herengracht 37 • Historical Wall
    Example of the historical walls throughout the house once completely stripped back
    allard architecture • Nieuwe Herengracht 37 • Historical Wallpapers
    Samples of historical wallpapers found when stripping back walls of the house
    allard architecture • Nieuwe Herengracht 37 • Sections of Basement
    Concept sections for a basement swimming bath