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    L.T.C. Festina

    La Rotonda
    Duyts Bouwconstructies BV

    Allard Meine Jansen

    Amsterdam / Netherlands

    Allard Architecture was selected to submit a design for an extension of the clubhouse for the tennis club Festina, located in the middle of Amsterdam's Vondelpark. L.T.C. Festina is considered to be one of the most iconic and largest tennis clubs in the Netherlands, with the clubhouse dating back to 1926. Through the provision of this extension, the club is hoping to expand its demographics by targeting and attracting younger members.

    The proposed extension follows the outline of the old sheepfold, yet unlike the endoskeleton structure of the historical building, the new extension will be constructed with an exoskeleton. Therefore the original building contrasts with the new and contemporary ‘inside-out’ extension, yet the overall volume still reads as a harmonious whole via the matching outline profiles. This architectural contrast is intended to reflect the character of the younger generation whilst celebrating both the history and the current cultural relevance of the club.

    allard architecture • L.T.C. Festina • Structural Concept
    A diagram explaining how the new structure follows the old sheepfold, but is as an exoskeleton rather than the existing structure's endoskeleton
    allard architecture • L.T.C. Festina • Historical Photograph
    Historical photograph with the existing building in the background