Loenen aan de Vecht


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    Allard Architecture

    Loenen aan de Vecht / Netherlands

    For an existing family house in Loenen Aan De Vecht, Allard Architecture was asked to design an addition that would be able to double its existing usable floor space. Due to strict regulations imposed on the property, the addition was required to be detached from the existing building. The barn-like addition was built with wood frame construction and a thatched roof, drawing inspiration from the surrounding rural setting. The L-shaped orientation of the resultant design both centres focus on the central patio between the two buildings, and subsequently shelters it from the new proposed road that will run adjacent to the addition.

    allard architecture • Loenen aan de Vecht • Situation Plan
    Situation plan demonstrating how the addition creates an L-shaped orientation that shelters the property from the new proposed road
    allard architecture • Loenen aan de Vecht • Exterior View - Close-Up
    Model demonstrating the wood frame construction of the addition