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    Allard Architecture


    Amsterdam / Netherlands

    This special restoration of this 1657 listed canal house was achieved in collaboration with a truly forward-thinking client, who had the vision of restoring the building for the next century. The new building installations and systems are all electric, and thus independent of fossil fuels, with these being intelligently integrated into the historic monument through a discerning use of horizontal and vertical shafts.

    Having a focus on longevity not only required the building systems to be sustainable, but this also demanded that the materials and finishes used throughout the project needed to be of the highest quality. Having previously been 4 separate apartments, a central staircase was developed in order to act as the unifying point of coherence between these once-separated elements. Therefore this monumental canal house has evolved to become a beautiful and sustainable home that can look strongly to the future.

    allard architecture • Keizersgracht • Section of Historical Elements
    A section that highlights the historical elements found throughout the house and what period they came from
    allard architecture • Keizersgracht • Hidden Wine Cellar
    During the demolition phase we uncovered an original arched basement which was used to become a wine cellar.
    allard architecture • Keizersgracht • Demolition
    The back extension as found in the demolition phase
    allard architecture • Keizersgracht • Demolition
    The back extension's garden room as found in the demolition phase