De Ruijterkade 139

2016 - present

  • work space
  • area:

    design development


    Duyts Bouwconstructies BV

    Allard Meine Jansen
    Piet de Reuver
    Gijs Bouwens
    Jalmar Taylor
    Andreas Baumer
    Nick Wenham
    David Pepper
    Florianne van Fraeyenhoven

    Amsterdam / Netherlands

    Situated right next to Amsterdam’s Centraal Station, on a multi-layered transportation corridor, this listed monument is to be converted into high-end office space across 4 storeys. Workplaces are positioned in a ‘racing-track’ formation around a centralised circulation and services core, and take careful consideration of the numerous elements of high monumental value that are to be preserved throughout the building.

    The crowning jewel of the project though is the completion of the existing contour of the monument’s roof as a carré-block in glass. The glass panels of this new roof will be supported by laminated beams, these beams connecting to the side profile of the new accessible roof terrace. This in turn is being supported by a steel table structure that sits on top of the existing building’s structural system. This glass roof not only adds a beautiful respectfulness to the monument, but also allows for the third level’s floor space to be maximised.

    Light is now also able to flood in through the uninterrupted glass along the southern portion of the building, giving an additional quality of lightness to the working areas om this floor. A gradient of PV cells will wrap around the upper band of the glass roof, this also providing an interplay of shadow and light internally.

    allard architecture • De Ruijterkade 139 • Urban Section
    Urban section that explains the multiple layers of transportation infrastructure that surrounds the site
    allard architecture • De Ruijterkade 139 • Rooftop Axonometry
    Rooftop Axonometry that diagrams the relationship between the existing roof and the new glass roof, along with its supporting truss profiles
    allard architecture • De Ruijterkade 139 • Technical Section
    Section of the glass roof, its supporting structure, and how it links with the new rooftop terrace