Valerie Smalen


Valerie Smalen graduated from the Hanze University of Minerva in Groningen as a spatial designer. She thinks that interior and exterior can reinforce each other. She is developing her passion further and is currently studying a masters degree in Architecture at the Amsterdam University of Architecture.

Valerie joined the Allard Architecture team at the beginning of 2021. By working at Allard Architecture she gets practical experience alongside her studies and learns from the colourful team about the different disciplines of architecture. As a designer, she has an inquiring attitude. In order to arrive at a good design, she gathers knowledge and experiments with models. As a spatial designer she tries to put her passion, opinion and feeling into her designs. She finds it important that the space speaks for itself and that the concept encourages thinking and discussion.


2021 Joined Allard Architecture, Amsterdam, NL
2018 OTH Architectren, Amsterdam, NL
2018 Internship, Team V Architectuure, Amsterdam, NL
2017 Internship, Kossmann.dejong Exhibitions architects, Amsterdam, NL


2018 MSc in Architecture, Academy of Architecture, Amsterdam University of the Artdiscipline, NL
2018 Pre-master Architecture & Technique, Academy of Architecture, Amsterdam University of the Artdiscipline, NL
2014 BSc in Interior Architecture and Interior Objects, Hanze Minerva Art Academy University of Applied Sciences, NL

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