Allard Meine Jansen - BNA

Founder, Principal Architect

Allard founded Allard Architecture in 2006, having beforehand garnered over 7 years of experience in numerous prestigious offices both in his native Netherlands, as well as in Italy, such Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Massimiliano Fuksas, Herman Hertzberger, and de Architekten Cie.

This experience includes his time working at Renzo Piano Building Workshop, whereby he played a key role in the California Academy of Science in San Francisco, specifically in the design development and coordination of critical architectural elements. During this time of progressing his professional experience, he gained an expertise in advanced technical design, as well as strong managing skills for significant projects that held a high degree of complexity.

This deeply detail-driven approach has allowed Allard to ensure there is a consistent, high-quality outcome within each project of the office, yet also able to uncover and celebrate the unique conditions or constraints that are embedded in each individual project. This attitude is ingrained into the thinking and direction of the office – to have results that are generated from innovative design solutions towards issues such as the brief, costs, and a rigorous research into specific contextual forces.

He is driven by establishing and maintaining long-term client relationships that are centred on mutual trust and understanding, which are crucial to the success of a project. He therefore is the central link that connects the studio’s design philosophy, the needs of the client, and driving the future of the office.

In his spare time, Allard maintains an active interest in sailing, specifically in restored antique boats with a lateen sail, as well as other outdoor activities such as alpinism, skating, and cycling. He also gains inspiration from structural pioneers such as those developed by Frei Otto and Buckminster Fuller, however he also keenly extracts references from vernacular structures that are regionally native.


Among the projects, he has participated in the design of the Whitney Museum in New York and the renowned California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco with Italian architect Renzo Piano.
2006 Established Allard Architecture, Amsterdam, NL
2005 De Architekten Cie, Amsterdam, NL
2002 Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Genova, ITA
2001 Massimiliano Fuksas, Rome, IT
1999 Herman Hertzberger, Amsterdam, NL
1999 Hubert-Jan Henket, Esch, NL


1998 MSc in Architecture, TU Delft, NL

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