XITE Mansion

2012 - 2015
Amsterdam Noord | Netherlands
Steengoed BV

Operating as a ‘crisis project’ in Amsterdam’s post-industrial north, this was a case where Allard Architecture was able to bring together the developer, the tenant, and land, to produce an affordable design that responded to the client’s wishes of having a Tribeca-influenced project. Easily mistaken as a renovation, this is instead a new-build outcome that makes use of prefab concrete.

The internal logics foster an environment in keeping with the focus and requirements of the tenant. XITE is a young music television station with a target age range from 13 to 29, and prides itself in its modern collaborative work ethic. By designing an office layout similar to a venn-diagram, each division (management, content, marketing, and technology) has its own bubble. This bubble then merges with its neighbouring divisions on each side, and with all divisions at the centre.

At a larger scale, the complex is split into two office buildings flanking an outdoor garden. Both buildings open out towards the garden, creating a public gathering space and helping to bring natural light into the offices. This results in a casual, transparent and flexible working area. The third floor multi-function space is unique in that its light wooden construction, which opens out to the terrace, creates a cosy atmosphere where both clients and employees can enjoy the kitchen, café, and event/meeting area.

Project Partners

Allard Meine Jansen
Piet de Reuver