Symon Spiersweg 16

Zaandam | Netherlands
design development

The Zuiderhout Zuid area in Zaandam -North of Amsterdam- is currently largely occupied by industrial companies, yet is slowly being transformed into a lively community. Right next to the North Sea channel and the legendary Hemkade 48 sits currently a parking lot of 2800 m2 where Allard Architecture was asked to study the potential of this area.

Together with the client we suggest a mixed-use development that continues the industrial history of the site, while starting a dialogue by adapting to the up-and-coming neighbourhood. Therefore we propose a mixed use project with a logistics center on the ground floor (with an efficient circulation plan), working ateliers on top and an independent sports venue with a restaurant hovering over the anonymous block that has stunning views over the channel. Visitors can access the public center by various cascading stairs that continue the green urban street into the air. The hub aims to be fully sustainable, acting as a beacon over the channel. The unexpected cross pollination of different fluxes that has the potential to become one of the new hotspots of the neighbourhood.

Project Partners

Robbe Vandewyngaerde
Allard Meine Jansen