Stichtse Vecht


Loosdrecht / Netherlands

The Stichtse Vecht summer house is located in the countryside of central Holland, in an area called Loosdrecht. It is considered as a kultuur landschap, or cultural landscape, that is shaped by man-made lakes and bogs. The house takes advantage of its surroundings by providing viewpoints that maintain strong visual axes.

The primary visual axis looks through the north-facing glazed façade to the lake beyond. The surrounding area is part of a large protected nature zone, which has rigid and extensive building regulations applied. This property lies in the natural preservation zone, which limits construction to 20% of the total area.

While maintaining its strong historical and environmental context, this Indonesian-inspired vacation home aims to balance bold yet subtle material and design choices. The house itself is clad in Swedish rabat wood, and topped with a thatched roof, both traditional and economical choices. While the thatched roof relates back to traditional aesthetics, the flush windows and extensive glazing provides a modern twist.

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allard architecture • Stichtse Vecht
Two different axes to make the most of the surrounding nature

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