2016 - 2019
Amsterdam | Netherlands
Aedes Real Estate

Along the prominent avenue of Sarphatistraat in the buzzy eastern area of central Amsterdam, two vacant properties have been given a new sense of life by being converted into 8 apartments targeting the luxury market.

Allard Architecture oversaw the smooth building permit process from the project’s earliest stages right through to its completion. During the course of this, Allard Architecture designed the organisation of all floor plans, as well as the layouts for each individual apartment. This resulted in achieving the most optimal outcomes for both the project owner as well as the individual tenants.

The basement of the existing building had extensive works carried out to allow the two ground floor apartments to each be split over two levels whilst still retaining access to the garden. Above, the other three levels each contain two 2-bedroom apartments that range from 61-75m². Each of the apartments have been designed with a focus on using sustainable finishes of the highest quality, that in turn provides these apartments with sophisticated longevity that also celebrates the grandeur embedded in the building.

A new lift shaft was also created in the centre of the building in order to ensure all properties had smooth movement throughout. The facades and roof were carefully renovated as part of the works, with each apartment having access to a balcony or garden space on the rear façade. The roof was redesigned to help conceal some of the new installation units. These installation units were selected with a significant focus on sustainable performance, that encouraged energy efficiencies and future-proofing for the building. As a consequence, the property has been assigned an energy label of A.

These properties have therefore been transformed from being empty shells in amongst a vibrant neighbourhood towards now being hosts for upmarket inner-city living going into the future.

Project Partners

Allard Architecture
Jurriën Boon
Roelfien Vos Interior Design
Salverda Bouw BV