Roomeinde 41

2022 - present
Broek in Waterland | Netherlands
design development

Located in the beautiful village Broek in Waterland to the north of Amsterdam, this extraordinary listed monument will be renovated and extended by Allard Architecture. The neoclassical façade was built after the demolition of the so called 17th century ‘stolp’ in front of the current house. The front part of the building dates back to 1613. The extension behind was built more recently in the year 1968. The wooden structure in particular is an important monumental element.

The goal of the renovation is to transform the monument into a suitable home for a family of four. By redoing the non-monumental part of the house, the design achieves an increase in the overall square meters, but more importantly, respects the beautiful monument in the front, which will be restored and celebrated within the proposed design.

Project Partners

Allard Meine Jansen
Thymo van de Water
Peter de Vries