2017 - present
Amsterdam | Netherlands
design development
Steengoed BV

Adaptability is the driving force of Riga2020, a project situated in the rapidly transforming Minervahaven in Amsterdam. Whilst the building is proposed to host a series of office spaces initially, the plan and the grid are required to be robust enough to allow for it to transition into 144 single-studio residences. This needs to be able to happen whilst still retaining the integrity of the overall construction.

The façade has been developed in a way whereby office spaces have plentiful opportunities to access the balconies, but still ensuring each studio apartment can have their individual access point to a private balcony if the building is eventually repurposed to housing. This ensures the façade composition can be retained even if the building’s function has been transformed.

Staircases climbing the south-eastern elevation insert a playful characteristic to the project, jumping positions and orientations as they scale upwards. The use of colour on these stairs enhances the liveliness, as well as makes them a surprising and dynamic visual element from the surroundings. This playfulness is further encouraged by the multi-levelled site plan, with the terrain engaging with the multifunctional plinth and its various entry points.

allard architecture • Riga2020
Engagement of the site with different modalities of movement
allard architecture • Riga2020
Concept of the playful staircases, and the use of colour to make these a surprising and dynamic visual element
allard architecture • Riga2020
Diagram of the building's configuration for apartments and the use of a central corridor spine to access each apartment
allard architecture • Riga2020
Diagram of the offices, with an open floor plan that has multiple egress points to the balcony
allard architecture • Riga2020
Diagram of the rooftop as a site of fun activities

Project Partners

Allard Meine Jansen
Andreas Baumer
David Pepper
Piet de Reuver
Victor Delamotte
Nick Wenham
Jalmar Taylor
Florianne van Fraeyenhoven
Felixx Landscape Architects & Planners