Keizersgracht 125 - 127


Amsterdam / Netherlands

Allard Architecture has been appointed to reimagine the joint property of Keizersgracht 125 and 127. The building currently exists as a scattered office with low spacial clarity and little regard to its architectural heritage. Moving about the warren of staircases and corridors is disorientating and the redevelopment requires a clear circulation strategy to connect the two front houses, the industrial middle block and the old stables at the back.

Our proposal aims to reintroduce the old road which would have reached the rear stables and use this as a main artery to access the whole building and connect its various courtyards. We have also proposed a new staircase with a contemporary glass facade as a contemporary addition to the old monument, which would also draw light down within the new corridor.

Secondary to creating clarity Allard Architecture has investigated the various functions that could exist together to create a mixed use space. This would create luxury apartments coexisting with premium office space both using the grand central corridor as inspired by Italian piazzas.

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