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Küssnacht / Switzerland

Immensee is a small village in the Kussnacht district of Switzerland with beautiful views to the lakes and mountains of the region. A recent development plan has asked Haberstroh Architekten, Silvester Fuller, Kopperroth Architekten and Allard Architecture to design four different homes. The use of a thick masonry base insulates the lower level for private use, while a light wooden construction exposes the upper story to natural light for public use.

In this particular project, the light wooden structure has been rotated so that it faces a north-south orientation. This optimises light intake and breaks up the floor so that each zone frames a different view. The roof has also been angled in order to provide maximum light intake and minimise shadows on the terrace.

The masonry base is carved out on the south side in order to provide more sun exposure into the lower levels. The wooden structure above is protected from glare with louvres on the south side and exposed to indirect light and views towards the lake on the north side. Even the pool, which is located on the west side, gets afternoon sun that then reflects light into the home at the most crucial point of the day.

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