Arnhem | Netherlands
City of Arnhem

The ArtA project as proposed by BIG and Allard Architecture is one that is focused on merging extremes. The meeting of the Rhine and the urban fabric of the city of Arnhem serves as such an inspiration. Most importantly, though, the design is about combining two different art forms; the Film Theatre and the Art Museum. The proposed design intends to highlight and connect these two entities.

The concept is simple: divide a rectangular prism evenly with each side representing a different entity and twist. The concrete and urban side of the scheme houses most of the dense closed program elements, such as the theatres and service cores. In contrast, the glass and public side houses most of the open program elements, like the art galleries and lobby. The grey zone in the middle is not a barrier, but a collaborative zone, encouraging mixing between the two extremes. At this point, the green atrium and lounge areas cumulate at a winter garden on the top level, creating an inviting atmosphere and a natural form of ventilation.

At the urban scale, the ArtA connects the green south of the Rhine with the city, as well as the MMKA and FFT, at the north of the Rhine. It also takes advantage of different sustainable approaches, including thermal storage, heat recovery, PV cell fritting, ventilation through the atrium, and secondary water acquisition through the Rhine. This not only minimises energy and water consumption for the ArtA complex itself, but helps supply neighbouring buildings with thermal energy.

allard architecture • ArtA
View of winter garden and the grand cafe, in the transition zone between the two different entities
allard architecture • ArtA
View of the 'black box' containing cinema, video, the collection, and exhibition storage

Project Partners

Bjarke Ingels Group
Allard Architecture