B2B Cocktail Bar

Amsterdam 2005

Program: Restaurant/Bar

Status: Competition entry


Client: Restaurant Onassis

Design: Allard Architecture


This project was submitted as part of a competition for a new restaurant/bar on a disused railway bridge in Amsterdam. The design intent played off of the fluidity of the revolving bridge, resulting in a curvilinear and infinite geometry which heavily contrasted the rusting, utilitarian, rigid and box-like architecture of the surrounding industrial area. 


Nano Towers

Dubai, UAE 2006

Program: Office

Status: Proposal


Client: N/A

Design: Allard Architecture


The Nano Towers is a proposal for a set of new office towers in Dubai. Through the diversity in height, diameter and transparency the design of the façade embues a modern sense of individuality in a professional environment. 


Tri-Tower Residence

Dubai, UAE Date


Program: Residential

Status: Proposal


Client: Azienda Regionale per i port di Cremano e Mantova

Design: Allard Architecture

Collaborators: Favere & Milan Ingegneria, High Point Rendel, TEC, D’Appolonia


The Tri-Tower Residence is a design proposal for a new residential tower in central Dubai. Similar to the Nano Towers, the façade informs the arrangement and hierarchies of interior spaces within the floor plan. 



Amsterdam 2006

Program: Public, Theatre, Creche

Status: Competition



Design: Allard Architecture


The Westerhuis is part of a submission for a competition that sought to both renovate and reconnect the various aspects of the Westerhuis building. Thus, accessibility and interior public space informed the design of the concept, emphasizing the cultural importance of the building and the opportunity of creating such a hub of public activity and discourse. Ultimately the design placed second in the competition.



Novotel Business Hotel

Amsterdam 2006

Program: Hotel

Status: Proposal


Design: Allard Architecture


The Novotel Business Hotel is a sketch design for a business hotel in the south of Amsterdam.

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